Digital Signage & Electronic Menu Boards

Professionally Created Content Delivered and Updated In Real Time

Why go digital?

Display your promotions to the right people at the right time with digital signage by Idea Mobile Solutions (IMS).  IMS can help businesses multiply their marketing options with interactive, compelling displays. Catch the attention of your clients and engage customers with our innovative digital presentations. Eye-catching digital promotions appeal to all ages and all demographics. 

Digital signs can introduce services, events, products and much more. Our signage can also improve sales thus giving marketing initiatives an effective way in which to measure ROI and in turn, improve your customer’s overall experience. Amen!

Our Platform

Our CMS Platform is engineered to function on a direct circuit with each screen on full Windows 10 OS.  Systematically IMS operates in real time thus allowing content to be updated and modified immediately. IMS can design, create and implement all aspects of the digital presentation with emphasis on professionally created, interactive, dynamic content.