Digital Fundraising and Outreach

Leverage text-to-donate, viral content and digital targeting to reach relevant supporters.

SVDP Food Drive Campaign (Past Project)

St. Vincent De Paul leveraged our text-to-donate to raise much needed funds during their 2016 food drive. Providing supporters a simple way to support local charities and foundations.

The Jet Award Foundation - 2019 Fundraiser

The Jet Award was looking for an easier way for supports to donate to their foundation during their 2019 Gala. Through our platform they were able to raise over $10,000 via our Ways-To-Give 'Platform'.


IMS's Mobile Fundraising Program

What is Text To Donate

Idea Mobile Solutions’ Text-To-Donate technology allows donors to give to nonprofits and other organizations of their choice directly through the text messaging platform on their mobile devices. This way of mobile fundraising gives organizations the opportunity to raise money any time, anywhere by supporting all media outlets.

Why Use Text To Donate

Text-To-Donate make it easy for organizations who want to engage with donors across their various fundraising campaigns. Text-To-Donate can be strategically promoted across every channel your organization already utilizes including fundraising events.

Where Do We Start

Mobile fundraising is one of the easiest ways donors can contribute to your organization. Idea Mobile Solutions begins by creating a custom donation web page for your cause and attaches a relevant keyword. Organizations and Donors can mobilize the fundraising platform.  

Financial Fundraising Program

The easiest way to capture donations wherever a donor is inspired

Fully Featured Fundraising Platform

Idea Mobile Solutions makes it easy to accept donations on any platform for any occasion. With reporting, you're always in the know. Detailed reports allow you to closely monitor your campaign and its performance. The Integration is simple and can be adopted across nearly every application. Make it easy for your supporters to donate with IMS’s Financial Fundraising Platform.

Platform Features

  • Donation Form Customization: Allowing you to match your non-profits branding and style.

  • Donors Covered Fees: You can ask donors to cover their processing fees in their donation. A great budget-saving feature.

  • Recurring Donations: Donors have the choice of making weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual donations.

Low Processing Fees

Zero Setup Fees, With No Merchant Service Markup or costs. We only take a fee if you’ve collected more than$1,000 in a month. Start fundraising in 15 minutes.

$10,000 Google Grant

IMS will secure grants on your behalf through Google Adwords and YouTube advertising. We help you secure and utilize this opportunity fueling your mission and organizational growth. These grants will total over $100,000 annually for qualifying non-profits.

Get Approved

We begin by assuring your organization meets all criteria in order to qualify for Google Ad Grants while keeping that qualification active. We take care of the process from beginning to end, making it fast and easy for you to get approved by Google.

Set a Goal

On of the most important thing you can do when starting an online campaign is setting a goal. This is how you can measure the success of your campaign. We help you identify and set this goal to ensure your organization is doing everything it takes to be successful.

Create Your Campaign

Once a goal is set, we configure your Google Adwords account to reflect your mission and send it to Google for approval. We know what it takes to create a campaign that has the best chance at success, and securing free advertisement dollars.

Develop Landing Pages

No campaign can be successful if the user is taken to an irrelevant page with information that doesn’t pertain to the goal of your campaign. A landing page is a campaign specific webpage with tracking capabilities design to convert visitors to contributors.

Optimize Your Campaign

Data is King. By using data gathered via Google and user analysis programs, we can be sure to steer your campaign towards success. We’ll re-optimize your account at least once per week to make sure you’re getting the most out of each impression.

Monthly Reports

Each month you will be provided with in-depth reports showing how your campaigns are preforming. This way you can track the progression and see how close we are to reaching the goals you’ve set in place.

Increase donations with your organization's own branded Premium Pet Treats

4-Leg Fundraising program and platform for non-profit pet centric organizations. Our premium treat is the perfect item for your group to support through our fundraising platform.


Our turn-key platform gives animal centric organizations everything needed to operate a successful fundraising campaign.


Our turn-key platform is equipped with technology that will allow you to effectively communicate with past supporters for current and future fundraising events.


"Our family of supporters and their 4-legged friends absolutely LOVE these treats! They keep asking when out next fundraiser will be. HUGE Success!"
- Brianna Olson

"Without a doubt, the easiest and most efficient fundraiser our Humane Society has ever done. It was quick, easy and a great product! This will be a go to for us every year."
- Emily Beck


Our extensive background in on-line marketing makes us the perfect partner to help you reach your supporters quickly.


We are committed to helping you succeed in all fundraising events. Your organization will participate in a revenue share program.

Past 4-Leg Fundraiser Promotion Video

Learn More About 4-Leg Fundraising