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Text Message Marketing

with a 97% open rate connect with customers when and where you want

Imagine a marketing tool...

That allows you to collect customer information and market to them at anytime, anywhere.  Whether you want to broadcast a message, send out coupons, run a promotion or send video advertisements, text essage marketing can deliver your message faster and more efficient than traditional methods. With a read rate of 97% within 15 seconds, customer communications can be tailored to fit the relevance and timeliness of your promotion.

Our Platform

At Idea Mobile Solutions, our text message marketing platform will facilitate the gathering and building of customer mobile numbers database.  At IMS, this is our foundation for managing and marketing relevant offers and information to your customers/clients.  Simply stated, there is not a more powerful marketing tool today nor one that returns as much on your marketing investment.  Turbo charge all current marketing initiatives while building the best mobile communication channel existing - MOBILE

Industries like yours benefiting from IMS's proprietary mobile engagement platform.

Idea Mobile Solutions
1 (800) 981-9033
Idea Mobile Solutions - 1 (800) 981-9033