Fundraising & Membership Program

Exclusive Nationwide offers for members only

Mobile Fundraising Applications

Fundraising initiatives can also benefit from IMS's Coupon Offering. Whether you are local or national, the program promotes offers that are desirable and exclusive.  No other program can reach across the U.S. to provide membership offers not open to the public.  Take your fundraising to a new level with a fresh offering to your constituency.  

Membership Rewards

This program can be best utilized for membership rewards and loyalty opportunities.  With a national reach, members of the program receive benefits totaling thousand of dollars off regular priced items and services.  Retain and build membership with offers designed to increase additional value to all participating entities. Recognize increased participation with complete penetration across the US.

Nationwide Coupons

What if you could put more than 250,000 mobile nationwide coupons in your customers/members hands? These deals represent savings up to 50% at neighborhood restaurants, retail stores, hotels, auto shops and more.  They are redeemable in virtually every market across America.  The program can essentially offset the cost of a membership while adding tremendous consumer saving coupons.

SVDP Food Drive Campaign (Past Project)

Industries like yours benefiting from IMS's proprietary mobile engagement platform.

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