5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Re-Opening

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These unprecedented times are testing our conventional thoughts on industry marketing across many sectors.  From retail to food service, business owners are having to make operational and marketing decisions vital to their business.  Some Owners have employed a mobile marketing program prior to the pandemic that is seeing increased communication to customers in the data base.  It has proven to be an effective way in which to stay in front of customers and push out promotions throughout the week.  Many business owners I have spoken with recently can see how the mobile application is a vital tool in keeping their business operating.  

Why not Incorporate our SMS Platform into reopening plans?

Below are 5 unique strategies to help business launch a Mobile VIP Program.

Create Incentive-Customers are more receptive to joining a mobile program if an offer is associated with enrollment.  These offers can be membership deals, food incentives/coupons, service delivery.

Digital Capture-Push promotion out to current databases such as your email data base, facebook, twitter, etc.  Effectively product owners can capitalize on previous efforts and initiatives.

Current Channels-Add Text Promotion campaign to current marketing efforts such as Ads, radio etc.  We often have Companies add our Text Campaign to a TV ad or radio spot.  It is a way to engage readers and listeners while offering them an opportunity to join your Mobile VIP Club.

Develop-Create Campaign including incentives, schedule, content and utilization.  These should be consistent with current offers.  Text messaging biggest advantage next to 99.9% viewing is the timeliness in which the offer can be sent/received.  Sending out a text Friday at 2 p.m. for a ‘Friday Afternoon Club’ special can be delivered at just the right time.

Grow and Nurture-Continue efforts to include all customers and prospects into the database and promote services and products in ways that are efficient, timely and cost effective.  

As we are all aware, due to the current state of affairs, foot traffic will be slowly returning to malls, stores and places of business.  Prior to that, most business will need to establish a marketing plan utilizing all resources available.  

- May 18, 2020