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Mobilize your Marketing

Brands and Companies are constantly challenged with how to directly connect with today's mobile customers.


Text Message Marketing

With 96% open rate within minutes of being received, the value of instant TEXT communication is simply UNMATCHED


Mobile Coupons

IMS empowers your business with advanced digital coupon delivery. Create and deliver targeted offers to your customers.


Mobile Websites

Embrace young consumers with our mobile websites and landing pages. Strengthens your brand in todays mobile world.

Industries like yours benefiting from IMS's proprietary mobile engagement platform.


IMS will give your business the ability to interact with the vast amount of foot traffic coming in and out of your door. Everything from grocery stores, coffee shops, franchises, convenience stores, to apparel will benefit from having a mobile relationship with your customers.


With ability to send timely targeted offers to your patrons, IMS's platform allows you to generate business during the slowest times while supporting your on going efforts on the busiest days. Recognize the power of mobile as the leader in marketing ROI.


IMS's mobile platform is designed to support and enhance your current player development efforts. Incentify players, promote in-house restaurants/bars, and capture new customers with our campaigns.


Whether its baby boomers, Gen Xers or Millennials,  IMS enables venues to communicate directly with patrons HOW, WHEN and WHERE.

Media Outlets

Offer more to your advertisers. Give them the ability to dynamically market to their customers in new ways. From campaigns to simple sales, IMS defines a totally new marketing channel.